Using the GS1 system requires paying an annual subscription based on the level of your turnover. Naturally, this can quickly become very expensive.

Furthermore, suppose you’re a large company. In that case, you’ll need to hire a dedicated resource, paying an annual salary, which is not cost-effective.

First, we’ve also found that many people hold such positions as a career stepping stone – ‘stewarding company data’ looks good on their CV. They usually move on within 12-24 months, which is insufficient to develop mastery in the role. Second, the GS1 system and other portals are difficult to use.

We are a Data as a Service (DaaS) company with people who have dedicated their lives to mastering data. Our service is ideal for any organisation (large or small) that needs to synchronise product and pricing data with trading partners (e.g. national or independent retailers and government agencies) via the GDSN/NPC, UBFs, or other electronic buying forms. 

Outsourcing this essential task gives you a cost-effective, efficient method of maintaining data across multiple platforms. With our vast experience, we know all the ins, outs, quirks and intricacies of each ever-evolving system. It’s what we do 24/7. For you, that means faster results and the peace of mind that it’s done correctly. 

Service offerings

  • Advice and guidance to be fully compliant for NPC and partner platforms with ongoing support to stay 100% accurate and efficient.
  • On-board a new vendor to the GS1 NPC and partner platforms with GDSN compliance.
  • Restructure existing vendors across multiple platforms, including GS1 NPC.
  • Provide ongoing data management for price changes, product additions and deletions.
  • Support for peak periods of work/staff shortfalls.
  • Liaison service to partner platforms.
  • Data transfer from and across multiple platforms.
  • Data integrity/sanity checking of master/core data before all data uploads, ensuring quality and accuracy.
  • Bureau service providing an all-encompassing data management solution. If a team member is absent, we provide a cost-effective, secure and timely data management, giving complete peace of mind.
  • Access to expertise and experience, without the maturation cycle and associated stress.
  • Ensure data integrity and compliance to the GS1 GDSN/NPC Major Release 3 in 2016 and all subsequent amendments.
  • Tailored solutions across all company sizes and industries, including FMCG, healthcare, liquor, hardware and emerging markets.
  • Cyclic quality assurance/health check providing peace of mind to you and your partners.
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