Meet the Team

Brenham, CEO

Starting at Woolworths, I’ve forged a best practice career path, building a portfolio of marketing, category management and marcomms experience. I’ve developed a rebellious reputation from my desire to challenge the status quo, which mitigates complacency and gives customers maximum ROI. Part of that stems from being a fan of the former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who said, “No Government can be long secure without a formidable Opposition.”

As a data scientist, I rely on hard data to dictate the direction but balance that with a strong intuitive feel sharpened from over 20 years of experience. People recognise my ability to cut through the red tape to zone in on the problem and get the job done — on time, within budget, and usually exceeding expectations.

Outside of work, I’m a secret furniture builder, an enthusiastic amateur chef and live for a challenge. If someone says, “Nobody else can do this,” I get excited.

Lisa, Client Support Manager

After years of working overseas in London for British Telecom (BT), I returned home to forge a new career. 

My role at ABML fits like a glove. As a specialist administrator, I focus on workflow and information accuracy. I’m hands-on in day-to-day data management. Driven by a desire to please, I provide a friendly, knowledgeable, and practical voice for our clients. 

Outside work, I enjoy gardening, bushwalking and the great outdoors.

Michael, Data and Software Specialist

With an extensive career spanning account management, FMCG product development, and data management software development, I bring a keen sense of why data accuracy is critical to success.

I bring a unique background that clients can trust and rely upon. I deeply understand their business and all that comes with it.

Outside of work, I am active in retail industry bodies, scouts and charitable fundraising activities.

Brendan, Data Specialist

Starting over 20 years ago, working at ABML has been my first and only job.

When you call us, I’m usually the first voice you’ll hear. I also assist with maintaining the proprietary and NPC databases with other online systems.

You want to have someone like me in your corner because my superpowers are accuracy and task completion; I don’t let go until the job is done and executed correctly.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, amateur photography, music and trivia. I’m also a Cub Scout Leader and write songs for the Cumberland Gang Show, a Scout-based theatre group.

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