Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your services?

Please contact us for a discussion. We work on a project or retainer basis, and the level of investment is tailored to your needs. We are more cost-effective and faster than doing it internally because we are small, agile, and deeply understand the intricacies of data management and the GS1 system.

How much notice do you need for a data upload?

Two full working days. This requirement allows for the partner systems to load and validate the new information before implementation. Sometimes, this schedule needs to be longer as certain types of data can only be loaded or implemented on certain days of the week at the partner portals.

If I get a quote for a project, how long is it valid?

Like all quotations, we have a 30-day time limit.

What do you mean by work on retainer?

Our retainers are paid by our clients monthly with a ‘Fair Work Policy’ applied. This means in each month, ABML will provide data management services for an agreed normalised volume of work. Any special projects or over and above volumes will be calculated and charged accordingly.

Can you do one-of-a-kind projects even if someone isn’t an existing client?

Yes, but depending on the complexity of the project, there may be many steps to execute the project. It is always best to call us as early as possible for a chat and to discuss your needs. We strive to relieve your pain/stress/pinch points when it comes to data management. The partner systems set certain constraints, and we will always strive to help you overcome these hurdles.

Why use ABML to manage our data?

Data Management requires specialised skills and knowledge of the partner systems, the software, and technology. ABML has all these skills, knowledge, and licensing, along with dedicated, secured, and encrypted data servers and the latest protocols to protect your information. This is delivered without you establishing or developing them in-house, providing significant cost savings.

What makes ABML special?

ABML brings together a team specialising in the management of the master data that drives the retail sector. We do not try to do everything; we do one thing very well. The team combines their diverse backgrounds to deliver “best for your needs” solutions. We have account management, data science, category buying, and data administration experience – which means we understand your needs and the importance of our work for you.

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